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May is Mediterranean Diet Month!

Scientific studies consistently report that the healthy Mediterranean Diet and its lifestyle practices reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Plus, there is compelling evidence that omega-3s, found in a number of Mediterranean Diet foods, can boost your health and brainpower!

But it’s more than just “good for you.” Consumer Reports summed it up well, noting that the Med Diet “isn't really a diet at all but a style of eating that focuses on an abundance of delicious, hearty, and nutritious food.”

It’s hard to believe less than twenty years ago, olive oil was considered an "ethnic food". In fact, back in 1993, when Oldways first introduced the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, a leading health organization said, "Americans will never embrace olive oil; they'll just think they need to pour it on French fries!" At that time, foods such as sun-dried tomatoes, marinated olives, Greek yogurt, and pita bread were hard-to-find specialty foods. Today, Americans shop regularly for them, along with Mediterranean ingredients such as sun dried tomatoes, olive oil and olives, hummus, couscous, and many others. And, from the mid-90s to 2009, U.S. olive oil consumption rose more than 137%!

For good health, it is important that even more people “Go Med” and May is the perfect time to try a new item in your household that is “Med Mark Approved”.  Mooney Farms products are an important part of the Mediterranean Diet for a few reasons;
    •    Bella Sun Luci Products are always packed in 100% Pure Olive Oil!

    •    Sun Dried Tomatoes are Lycopene Rich! Ounce per ounce sun dried tomatoes have 12 times the amount of Lycopene than a raw tomato!

    •    Easy-to-prepare.  Our Bella Sun Luci items are ready to serve directly from the jar! No prep needed!

    •    Affordable. Many consumers have the misperception that delicious, fresh foods are expensive. We – and you – can help bust that myth by showcasing meal ideas that cost just dollars a plate.  And, visit our homepage link to download our valuable coupon off your next purchase!

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Lexia Nash


A Mediterranean Diet is the way of life! Keeps you healthy and looking great, thanks for this Blog post & can’t wait to use my Bella Sun Luci products on my next Mediterranean meal smile

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