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It’s Harvest Time at Mooney Farms!



Our Bella Sun Luci Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is farmed in the rich and fertile soil of California’s Feather River Valley on the Mooney Family Estate. This Spanish varietal is buttery yet light and delicious, perfect for any recipe. Our olives are pressed within hours of harvest producing the freshest taste.

Each year our harvest brings the family together in a joint effort. Everyone has an integral job during the picking and pressing process. While Mom and I are out in the olive grove managing the picking crew, my brother Steve is on a tractor collecting bins of picked olives to be transported to the mill. After all of the olives have been harvested they are immediately pressed to ensure the freshest and highest quality olive oil reaches your table.


* Made from the first cold pressing of fresh, ripe California olives.


*Produced from our family estate located in Northern California.



*Awarded a Gold Medal, for the highest standards of color, flavor bouquet, and clarity.


*Low acidity gives this premium olive oil a rich, distinctive taste.


When served with fresh bread, our Bella Sun Luci Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a healthy & delicious alternative!




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