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Happy Holidays from Mooney Farms!

For our family, the holidays are a very special time of year. We always look forward to every aspect of the season – from the decorations and colder weather, to visiting family and cooking and enjoying delicious meals together.  This year, we’re celebrating the season with our Holiday Recipe Contest on Facebook, and would love for you to join us!  Just put a Mediterranean twist on one of your favorite holiday recipes by using any Bella Sun Luci product, and submit your original recipe for a chance to win $500 cash, a Le Creuset French Oven and a Mooney Family Story Gift Box. Three runners-up will also receive a Mooney Family Store Gift Box and all winners will be featured on the Bella Sun Luci website! Our contest runs through December 12 and winners will be announced on Facebook on December 14. Enter today by clicking here.
Happy Holidays,
Mary & the Mooney Family


Simple Gourmet-Inspired Holiday Cooking

Many people think the key to a great meal or dinner party is offering guests fancy, gourmet dishes that take hours to make. In the Mooney family, we believe the exact opposite! Just because it’s the holidays doesn't mean you have to spend the whole day cooking in the kitchen. While we love restaurant-quality recipes as much as anyone, we’ve discovered a few tips and tricks to get you gourmet results without slaving away in the kitchen.
  • Use Fresh Ingredients - This is, without a doubt, the most important part of cooking a delicious meal. Fresh ingredients bring out the flavor, texture and aroma of the food and appeal to all of your senses!
  • Master the Art of Prepping - When feeding a house filled with friends and family, buying pre-cut veggies, gourmet crackers, and using products that are ready-to-serve, like our Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomato Bruschetta, will save you tons of time in the kitchen!
  • Choose Your Recipe Wisely -  We believe that delicious food shouldn't be difficult to prepare. All of the recipes featured on the Bella Sun Luci website are both easy and delicious, like the Mediterranean Brie, Holiday Torte, or Bella's Bruschetta - they all feature five ingredients or less! 


Entertaining Guests of All Ages

In the Mooney family, we have relatives of all ages visiting during the holidays, which means we have to prepare for babies, grandparents and everyone in between. To ensure that all our guests have a memorable holiday, we offer food, activities, entertainment, and more that appeal to and are appropriate for all ages. For example, while the adults enjoy wine at dinner, the kids get to drink sparkling cider out of plastic champagne flutes. We like to be adventurous with our cooking, but we always have kid-friendly dishes like roasted chicken or mashed potatoes. Board games, holiday-themed toys, and seasonal crafts like building a gingerbread house will entertain children while the adults enjoy each other's conversations.

Finally, there's always something that everyone can enjoy together, like a hot chocolate bar with fancy chocolates, sprinkles and marshmallows or a favorite holiday-themed movie like It's A Wonderful Life. The holidays are for enjoying each other's company, so make sure your family has everything they need to have a great time! 






Bella's Monthly recipe

Sun Dried Tomato Artichoke Dip

Impress your guests at your next holiday party with Bella's Sun Dried Tomato Artichoke Dip! Even though this dip tastes gourmet, it's an easy and simple recipe that's bursting with flavor.

Sun Dried Tomato Artichoke Dip


Holiday Cooking Coupons!


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