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Chatting about Lycopene and Health on “Life, Love & Health”

Having grown up on the Mediterranean diet, I love having the opportunity to discuss its many health benefits, as well as how important the foods I love and enjoy are for an overall healthy lifestyle. 

I was recently interviewed by Christopher Springmann, host of RadioMD’s “Life, Love & Health” about the health benefits of lycopene and sun dried tomatoes. In addition to talking about Bella Sun Luci sun dried tomatoes as a rich source of lycopene, Christopher and I discussed another ingredient that I believe is the most important element of any diet – olive oil. Together, sun dried tomatoes and olive oil create what I believe is the perfect food, combining their powerful antioxidant properties with the anti-inflammatory power of olive oil.

When you eat better, you're going to feel better, and when you feel better, you're going to have a better life. This is something that I learned growing up in a family that was passionate about bringing people together around food, and it’s a lesson we continue to share at Mooney Farms through the foods we make. To learn more about some of my favorite family memories and hear my full interview with Christopher, please visit RadioMD’s website here and follow along with the transcript here.

Il Gusto della Vita!

Mary Mooney



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