Delicious and Healthy

“Super Sunday” Menu Planning with Mooney Farms

If you are planning to invite friends and family over to watch the big game on Sunday, you might be trying to figure out a menu for your guests. We have some ideas that are both easy and delicious so you won’t be in the kitchen the whole afternoon! Here are some “Super”Appetizer Recipes for Superbowl Sunday! Also, visit our website for lunch or dinner ideas including our Italian Calzone, Macaroni and Sun Dried Tomato Gratin with Sharp Cheddar, Sun Dried Tomato Cream Soup, or Sun Dried Tomato Risotto. Go Team!     Sun Dried Tomato Hummus   2-15 oz.…> Read More

New Year’s Resolutions made easy with Bella Sun Luci!

With the start of the New Year each of us has made a resolution to eat healthier, and here at Mooney Farms we have the perfect solution!   You don’t have to sacrifice flavor to eat well! Here are our 5 Bella Sun Luci Products that are flavor packed and always salt free & fat free!     We offer our traditional sun dried tomato halves and julienne, and three new exciting flavors; Julienne Cut with Italian Basil, Julienne Cut with Zesty Peppers, and NEW Sun Dried Tomatoes with Greek Oregano, Basil, and Garlic.   Each delicious variety comes with…> Read More